What are the good things that you get with horse stall mats?

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Many of the products that are invented or developed surely have their purpose. And it’s a good thing that there are people from all around the world who notices the needs of certain group or individual may it be humans or animals. In this article, we will talk about horse stall mats, its origins, its benefits and more.

The Origins of Horse Stall Mats

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Horse stall mats are products designed for the care of horses and are widely manufactured by different companies worldwide. The origin of this is hardly been found. But it is believed that it evolved from the idea of floor mats that are the same with Horse stall mats in terms of its purpose.

You would really be wondering who may have thought about these products. But as dating far back in the paleolithic times of about 25,000 years ago. The dwellings of clans used tree bark to create a type of felt which was then made into floor mats. After all, even primitive people don’t like hunters tracking in dirt and mastodon guts all over the place. It shouldn’t be surprising that humans have always worked hard to improve their internal habitats.

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With the human instincts to find comfort, This idea continuously evolved that over the years up to the modern days. Rubber mats have now surfaced.

What is a Horse Stall Mat and What it’s for?

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Horse Stall Mats are a simple and economical flooring solution for horse stalls. People from around the world who are taking care of horses would probably consider installing horse stall mats for the following reasons;

  1. Comfort

Adult horses can weigh anywhere from 1,000 to 1,500 pounds, meaning horse stall mats should have a little give, while still delivering strength and stability, to provide comfort for their legs, joints, and tendons. Reduce hock sores and other arthritic issues with a durable, yet comfortable horse stall mat.

  1. Safety

The slip-resistant surface of rubber stall mats can help prevent injuries from slipping and falling on any sort of accumulated moisture or urine. Waterproof rubber horse stall mats with proper bedding are great for keeping the surface area of the mats clean and free of moisture in many forms.

  1. Health

Unless diligently cleaned, barns without horse stall mats could cause debilitating health issues from frequent dust and unsanitary conditions. Rubber horse stall mats are the most effective way to prevent dust build-up in the air and clean ammonia-rich urine residue, which could lead to respiratory issues such as pneumonia and heaves.

Horse Stall Mats are also becoming increasingly popular mainly because of the benefits they provide in surfaces where horses and other pets reside. And some of these are as follows;


A concrete floor is very hard and unless a thicker layer of bedding is provided, the hardness can injure feet, stress joints and even cause sores where horses lay down to sleep or rest. Stall mats provide a soft and comfortable surface which is less likely to result in stress and impact injuries.


Horse stall mats are made from naturally insulating materials that are not only more comfortable but also healthier for your horses especially during winter.


Wooden and concrete floors can be slippery and very dangerous when wet.

Horse stall mats provide better traction for your horses in order to reduce the risk of injury to your horses.


It can be very difficult to sterilize surfaces such as earth and concrete. However, you can easily sterilize stall mats in order to ensure that your horses do not contract diseases.


Less bedding is required with horse stall mats because they perform all the functions of bedding including insulation, traction, shock absorption and providing a soft and comfortable surface for your pets.

Additionally, stall mats can drain off excess urine which means that less bedding is soiled. Trailer stalls, trailer ramps, and aisles are other places where stall mats can be quite useful.

Moreover, secure footing makes your horses easier to handle because of the inclination to avoid unsafe areas. High-quality mats can stand up to traffic even from the steel-shod hooves.

Uses of Horse Stall Mats

Rubber horse stall mats are a versatile addition to your horse’s living area. Rubber mats reduce the stress on a horse’s joints and cut down on the amount of bedding needed, and they make mucking out stalls faster and easier. But these durable products aren’t just suitable for stall flooring. Check out these other great uses for rubber stall mats:

Stall Wall Protection

If your horse is prone to wall kicking, a few rubber stall mats attached to stall walls and partitions will protect these surfaces and your horse’s joints. Wall kicking can cause injury to a horse’s knees, hips, and ankles. Rubber stall mats are flexible and provide cushion to protect a chronic kicker. They also provide an added layer of insulation during cold months. Quickly and easily mount rubber mats on stall walls with a few screws and a drill.

For the Home Gym

In recent years, rubber horse stall mats have found a new home outside the barn or stable – the home gym. Horse stall mats are less costly than other types of rubber flooring, and they provide the cushion and grip people need for serious cardio and weight-training workouts. Horse stall mats come in a variety of sizes and can be trimmed for a snug fit.

Horse Trailer Flooring

Rubber stall mats provide the right amount of padding and grip to horse trailer floors. The textured surface helps stabilize hooves while in transit, and the extra cushioning makes for a more comfortable ride.

Stable Floor Safety

Rubber stall mats are a great option when it comes to creating nonslip surfaces in your stable or barn. This is especially true in areas that tend to be wet, like wash stalls or entryways. Rubber mats also make a comfortable surface for grooming or tacking a horse. In the summer months, a few rubber mats placed in the shade create the perfect area for outside saddling, especially when barn aisles are busy.

Available Sizes for Horse Stall Mats

There are a variety of sizes that are made available for horse stall mats which you can cut and trim to perfectly fit the area or place you want to install with. Among the sizes available are 4ftx6ft, 12ftx12ft up to 16ftx20ft and more.

Types of Horse Stall Mats

For some reason, horse stall mats were developed in different variants to address some specific needs that every horse stable needs to make it more conducive to horses. As such horse stall mats come in two main types; revulcanized rubber mats and polyurethane bonded crumb rubber mats or simply bonded rubber mats.

Revulcanized Rubber Mats – are melted fine bits of recycled rubber crumbs that are pressed under very high temperature and molded pressure to form a sheet.

Bonded Rubber Mats – are individual bits of rubber that are glued together with polyutherane based binders.

In a comparison of the two, rubber mats are more wear-resistant than bonded mats. The durability of bonded mats is dependent on the quality of the polyutherane binder used.  Because bonded mats are porous, they are known to easily curl over time, absorb urine and hold bacteria in the long run. But on the positive side, it is less to have a rubber smell than revulcanized rubber mats. But people choose revulcanized rubber mats more than the bonded mats for its durability and wear-resistant, it does not curl, buckle or change shape. They are not porous and will not hold urine or bacteria.

What To Consider When Buying a Horse Stall Mats?

We all want to be sure with what we buy, and often times, we are overwhelmed with the number of choices so wide that gives promises. Here are some of the great tips recommended for you to consider in buying your horse stall mats;

Materials Used

Rubber is the most commonly used material. However, different qualities and types of rubber are used depending on the manufacturer.

High-quality rubber is more durable but tends to be expensive. On the other hand, you can buy a horse stall mat that is made from non-rubber materials such as EVA which is a high-tech material that tends to be lighter and more shock absorbent.


Stall mats should be impermeable in order to ensure that urine does not reach the surface or soak up the mat.

Low-quality stall mats that are permeable or partly permeable may cause odors.

Size Needed

Some mats can cover the entire stall but it important to understand that stall mats vary in size from a square foot (30 cm squared) to about 4 square meters.

Bigger mats are heavier and they are less likely to curl up although placement is more difficult. Working with smaller stall mats is quite easy and they are also cheaper to replace in case they are damaged.


Stall mats vary in thickness from about 1 cm to over 2 cm.

Thicker mats have four benefits: it’s less likely for the edges to curl, they tend to be more durable, they are less likely to move and in most cases, the thickness is an indication of quality.

Here are some of the horse stall mats products available at Amazon.com that are highly rated.

  • Rubber Horse Stall Mat

Available in 4′ x 6′ with a 1/2″ or 3/4″ thickness, RB Rubber matting is a solid, durable, rubber mat that is easy to install. Combining environmentally friendly recycling technologies and manufactured completely in the USA sets RB Rubber products apart from the competition. These rubber mats are straight cut with no bevel.

  • Black Rubber Mat – 4′ x 6′ x 3/4″
  • 15 year limited warranty against manufacturer defects in material and workmanship.
  • Color: “Natural” rubber is primarily black but will include a small amount of multi-color flecks. Often this is better than plain black as it helps in camouflaging dust and dirt.
  • Greatmats Portable Stall Mat

Greatmats interlocking portable stall mats are the perfect lightweight yet durable solution for horse trailer mats, portable horse stalls, and temporary horse stalls. Mats are designed to withstand years of use under the weight of heavy animals. This super high-density EVA foam mat is also excellent permanent installations. These foam horse stall mats are a great alternative to more costly rubber mats. Each mat 2×2 ft x 3/4 inches.

  • Lightweight and easy to transport and install.
  • Durable, double-sided Pebble textured top.
  • No adhesive needed with the interlocking design.
  • Waterproof, no odor, lead-free and latex-free.
  • Non-slip mats include 2 border strips per mat.
  • Mighty Lite Stall Mat

Ideal for Stall floors and walls, Trailer floors and walls, grooming areas, and even kennels for your horses another buddy. Made of a space-age polymer, EVA, these mats are safe, comfortable, and can help improve the health of your horse. Mat measures 37″ x 49″x 7/8″ (12.59 sq. ft.) and is sold individually.

  • Non-slip surface with interlocking edges to make the perfect size for any area
  • Reversible for a longer life
  • Provides more insulation than a rubber mat
  • Impermeable- Nothing, not even urine can soak into the mat
  • Perfect for other barn animals such as llamas and donkeys

Overall, having a horse stall mats in your barn is highly recommended. These do not only reduce the stress of your horses and other pets as it gives more comfort to them, but It also is a great investment for you to save tons of medication that may arise from illnesses developed due to the uneasiness and discomforts that your horses and other pets experience. To add up, you get even more peaceful sleep knowing that your horses and other pets are feeling comfortable in their rest just as you do in your bed.

Installing horse stall mats are also easy with the help of some assistants. Every manufacturer includes instruction manuals that you can refer to in ensuring the quality of your installation. Some other tools are also advised to be handy during the installation process.