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June 19, 2018

The Best Way To Horse Feed

Horse feed isn’t a rocket science. Your horse eats for himself, not the whole species. Every day you will be discovering something new and different

Fall In Love With Shire Horse

England originated and developed two breeds of draft horses, the Shire and the Suffolk. Originally, the Shire horse was known by various names, such as

Clydesdale Horse Expert Interview

Like all classes and breeds of livestock of Scotch origin—including Ayrshire, Aberdeen-Angus, Galloway, and Highland cattle, and Cheviot and Black-faced Highland sheep—the Clydesdale horse breed

Standardbred Horse: Back to Basics

Both the Standardbred and the American Saddle Horse are the result of a Thoroughbred top cross on native mares; both are truly American creations—the former

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Black Mustang

The Wild American Mustang

Known as the wild horse of the west, the Mustang is a gorgeous horse that has roamed the grasslands of Western America since the 16th