The Secrets to Palomino Horse: Origin,breed

The word palomino correctly implies a horse of a golden color with white, silver, or ivory mane and tail. Originally, Palomino horses weren't considered either a breed or a type, but simply a color....
Percheron horse

Here’s An Inside Look At The Percheron Horse

Until recently, the Percheron horse was the most widely distributed of all draft breeds. Today, it ranks second in registration numbers Origin and Native Home The Percheron horse originated in northwestern France, in the...
american-saddelbred horse

Meet The American Saddlebred Horse

The American saddlebred horse is distinctly an American creation. With at least passable roads in the East, the breeding of harness horses was centered in this area, particularly in the vicinity of New York...
morgan horse

What Makes a Morgan Horse So Special?

The Morgan horse has been known as the first family of American horses. The early development of the breed took place in the New England states, thus giving the eastern section of the country...
shire horse

Fall In Love With Shire Horse

England originated and developed two breeds of draft horses, the Shire and the Suffolk. Originally, the Shire horse was known by various names, such as the Great Horse, War Horse, Cart Horse, Old English...

The Benefits of Horse Stall Mats

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quarter horse

Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse is the most popular breed of horse in the world, and with good reason. The Quarter Horse is strong, sure-footed, and even-tempered. It is a superb animal athlete and can...

Meet The Pinto Horse; Origin and History

The word pinto refers to a marked or spotted horse, a description first applied to the spotted descendants of the horses of the Spanish conquerors. Sometimes, though less correctly, animals of this color are...
hackney horse

History of Hackney Horse

The Hackney horse is the most prominent of the five breeds of heavy harness or carriage horses. In fact, except for the Hackney, the other breeds of this type are now practically extinct in...

Everything You Need To Know About Horse Breeds

The large majority of domestic horse breeds can be divided into three main groups: ponies, heavy or workhorses, and thoroughbreds and other horses used for sporting and recreational purposes. In the horse show and...
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